AYUDH Europe launches Gender Equality workshops at Amrita University, in India

On UN Youth Day, 12th August 2016, AYUDH Europe launched a series of 14 workshops on Gender Equality with nearly 1000 first-semester students of Amrita University, Amritapuri Campus. The workshops were held within the AYUDH programme of Amrita University, which was recently ranked as India’s best private University. AYUDH introduced the students to the UN Sustainable Development Goal #5: Gender Equality as well as the UN Women LEAPs framework.
LEAPs Diagram R4 (300ppi)
The students took part in interactive sessions about stereotypes and role images of men and women in their personal environment. They reflected on these images and which qualities they see in men and women. After comparing the different points of view the students committed to develop one of those qualities such as solidarity, forgiveness, courage, open-mindedness as their personal contribution to achieve “Planet 50-50 by 2030”. The consensus was that both sets of qualities are needed for a holistic individual and successful career.
Planet 5050 logo13995424_10154454103102990_3926536006538152717_o 13987500_10154454099612990_235528673814159151_o
The students as well as the AYUDH members enjoyed the workshops and the intercultural exchange very much.
“It was an inspiring workshop! It is my dream that one day I will stand up there and work with others on Gender Equality.” Female student
“I think that Gender Equality is important because we can only work hand in hand for a better society.” Male student
Together we can step it up for gender equality!
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Group photo album

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In these pictures each student is holding a sign where it is written a quality on which they would like to work on in order to obtain gender freedom. Click on any picture to see it in full screen.