Generation of Peace – AYUDH’s 14th European Youth Summit

Generation of Peace

AYUDH’s 14th European Youth Summit

M.A. Center Germany, Brombachtal near Frankfurt

14 – 22 July 2018

For youth aged 15 – 30



“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.” – Constitution of the UNESCO


For decades, peace in Europe has been taken for granted. More recently, national and international political as well as social developments have raised substantial concerns about the stability, social cohesion and peace of the region.

Many young Europeans are perturbed by these developments. They have a desire to understand the causes, explore solutions and take civic action together. Young people everywhere are searching for peace – within and without.

Globally, many organisations and institutions share this view and have reaffirmed the importance of involving young people in peacemaking, for example through UN Security Council Resolution 2250, Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4.7 and the Paris Declaration 2015.

As a member of civil society, AYUDH Europe is taking responsibility and answering this urgent call to educate, engage and empower young people to be part of a generation of peacebuilders.

The weeklong youth summit ’Generation of Peace’ will provide an opportunity to explore ‘peace’ on three levels:

1) Peace Within – encouraging self-reflection and development of critical self-enquiry, mindfulness, empathy and compassion

2) Peace with Others – social participation, advocacy and engagement in society

3) Peace with the Environment – ecological sustainability as a requirement for stability and peace.

The summit provides a unique platform for personal development, intercultural dialogue and creative expression through a combination of talks and workshops that foster personal, environmental and global responsibilities, and practical training in leadership, change-making, mindfulness and sustainability. Amma’s teachings form an essential part of the reflections at the summit and spiritual practices like yoga, singing and meditation will be offered.

The summit will bring together 300 young people aged 15 – 30 from across Europe. Participants strengthen their sense of active citizenship while experiencing the joy and empowerment of living and learning together with like-minded youth from diverse backgrounds.


Aim & Objectives:

The aim of the Summit is to foster young people’s active citizenship for peacebuilding and sustainable development. It is aligned to Sustainable Development Goal 4.7 and will inform, empower and engage youth to affect change on the personal, community and policy level. The Summit has four main Objectives:

– Objective 1 (Personal): To invite participants to reflect on the attitudes, values and habits needed to create change, first within themselves and consequently in their peer group and broader environment. This includes the development of competences such as critical (self-)enquiry, mindfulness, empathy and compassion.

– Objective 2 (Community): To encourage participants for social participation, advocacy and action. Participants will learn about social and environmental challenges as well as innovative solutions, receive training and a toolkit to collaboratively design and implement local follow-up actions.

– Objective 3 (Policy): To create an opportunity for participants to articulate their concerns, develop policy recommendations and present them to decision makers.

– Objective 4 (Networking): To provide a platform for community building and exchange amongst youth activists from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. This will nurture an informal learning environment, foster their intercultural understanding and increase their motivation for collective action.


A day at the Summit usually includes 6 main blocks of activities. These are:

  1. Kickstarters: Getting ready for an awesome day with sports and mindfulness activities like yoga, tai-chi and meditation
  2. Ignite-talks: Short and to-the-point talks by experts with a background of peacebuilding, civic action and mindfulness – igniting our passion for creating a better world together
  3. Working groups (Alternating days): These sessions will explore what it really takes to create peace – within ourselves and in our environment. Participants will split up into smaller discussion and working groups, guided by professional coaches and AYUDH team members. These sessions will empower participants with knowledge, skills and tools for change-making on the personal, community, environment and policy level
  4. Sharing groups (Alternating days): Because we all learn from each other, we have included these short and fun sessions to exchange ideas and inspiration
  5. Workshops: One of the most popular aspects of our annual summits, the workshops will provide a large variety of creative and hands-on activities to explore ‘peace’ in fun and practical ways – ranging from leading a vegan lifestyle to becoming a peaceful martial-arts hero
  6. More fun stuff: One of the best things about AYUDH is sharing a week with so many amazing young people from all over Europe. We make sure that there is enough time for you to get to know new faces and make friends for a lifetime. Our community building activities include music and sports, a massive painting session, a movie night and of course ‘OdenWorld’, our annual music festival at the end of the week.

To conclude the summit, a dialogue with policy makers will bring the participant voices and views to the attention of senior decision makers – exploring the crucial role that young people have in creating a more peaceful and sustainable world.


Participation fee for the entire week (accommodation and meals included) is 150 Euro. Reduced rates and sponsorships are available.

Through the knowledge, skills and attitudes developed during the summit, participants will be encouraged and empowered to be part of a generation of youth who take peace in Europe not for granted – but see it as their responsibility and call to actively defend and maintain this peace.


“Let us stand together and show the world that compassion, love and concern for our fellow beings have not completely vanished from the face of this earth. Let us build a new world of peace and harmony by remaining deeply rooted in the universal values that have nourished humanity since time immemorial. Let us say goodbye to war and brutality forever, reducing them to the stuff of fairytales. Let us be remembered in the future as the generation of peace.”

– Amma


Applications for ‘Generation of Peace’ will open in early 2018. Sign up here to be notified and secure your place early on: HERE

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