Become a leader, the AYUDH way! – Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

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AYUDH Europe is introducing it’s new program for Social Impact Leadership – a unique training opportunity to foster compassionate leadership, social responsibility and intercultural learning amongst young Europeans. This year-long program will include three high-profile seminars in Germany, Spain and Greece – including a training in Design Thinking by SAP and workshops in project management and fundraising by Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist of Marketing from Google.

On this amazing learning journey you will be inspired by experts and supported by youth activists your age, work in national teams to design and implement social impact projects and acquire self-empowerment tools like meditation and journaling to become a real mindful superhero.

In the end you will get certified with the EU Youthpass, sparkle and shine as a next generation leader.


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Download the concept note


Key facts:
• Duration: October 2017 – September 2018
• Participants: 30 Youth from Denmark, Germany, Greece, France, Spain and the Netherlands
• Age: 18 – 26 Years
• Commitment: 300 hours, including 3 weeklong seminars, a real-life project and self-study
• We cover: Travel reimbursement for the 3 seminars (with the following maximum amounts:, full board, lodging and course fee
• Contribution: 150 Euro per person for the entire program. Full or half-stipends are available
• The minimal travel and food costs in relation to plan and implement the local social impact projects are expected to be covered by participants


Apply now! Applications close August 31st (midnight CET) 2017

Co-funded by the European Union and SAP. Carried out in partnership with Embracing the World