Successful first day at the 13th European Youth Summit 2017

Day 1 at the European Youth Summit here at the M.A Center Germany kicked off with many familiar faces returning to the beautiful German countryside, along with plenty of new ones. The Director of Ayudh Europe, Nath Andreas Hirsch, welcomed everyone with a heartfelt speech: Educate, Cultivate, Participate;

IMG_0543“This year’s theme came out of a selection of ideas that were proposed by the Ayudh participants from the previous year. They were based on the UN sustainable development goals that they felt were most important to them”  Director of Ayudh Europe, Nath Andreas Hirsch

After the opening, all of the participants met with their fellow compatriots and National Co-ordinator to learn more about each other.

The Kick-Off-Panel in the afternoon was the first official event with Mio Kuschick (German UN- Representative), Milosh Ristovski (Executive Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue), Philipp Buddemeier (Accenture Consultant for Circular Economy in Germany), Bri. Dipamrita (Amma’s representative in France). The panel was hosted by the Director Nath Andreas Hirsch, who did a fantastic job leading an interesting opening dialogue.

The first day concluded with Leonardo DeCaprio’s inspiring documentary, Before The Flood’, which was accompanied with copious amounts of popcorn 🙂 Stay tuned!