Plant a tree and help us to save our planet – AYUDH attends PlantAhead 2018

Trees are good for everyone – that’s a no brainer! They reduce CO2, are home to a diverse range of species, and give food, fuel and oxygen to all of Earth’s inhabitants. Here at AYUDH we are deeply passionate about doing what we can to help take care of our planet’s lungs. As part of the Embracing the World umbrella, we have proudly contributed towards planting one million trees worldwide.


Each year we carry out a number of tree-planting activities in a number of European countries, to give you a better idea of the scope and reach of these projects, let’s look back on five such activities from 2017.



AYUDH Italy planted thirty trees in the municipal park of Castellanza in the city of Varese in the spring time. They enriched the local biodiversity by planting a variety of species, including mulberry, alder, hornbeam and linden – some of which are endangered in the local region.



In Pontgouin, France, AYUDH members hosted a workshop in how to go about tree planting and then together planted many beautiful fruit saplings, with the goal of creating a functioning orchard which they will tend to. As well as improving the air and producing delicious produce, orchards are a magnet to bees, providing them with a wonderful food source and further promoting biodiversity in the local area.



In an effort to promote intercultural communication and integration with teenagers from the local refugee community, AYUDH Austria hosted a planting event. As well as watering existing crops, the group planted capsicum plants together on a beautiful sunny day, and cultivated many new friendships. It was a beautiful example of how communities can come together to build stronger bonds, all-the-while learning together and contributing to the environment.



AYUDH Germany hosted a permaculture workshop in conjunction with M.A. Center Germany and Gemeinschaftsgarten am Ponyhof with the aim of restoring and promoting sustainable use of the local ecosystem. Together, they created a highly fertile type of soil known as terra preta, and planted shrubs and vegetables at a home for unaccompanied refugee children.



AYUDH Spain organised a weekend retreat entitled Growing Together in April 2017. Together they learned and shared many tips about how to practice and promote sustainable lifestyles, and carried out activities such as body expression and yoga outdoors in an effort to further connect with nature. They planted twelve fruit trees in a community outside Madrid that rehabilitates individuals who have problems with drugs and alcohol.




From these diverse examples, you can see how ‘tree-planting’ doesn’t just have to be ‘tree-planting’. Working in nature fosters so many positive attributes within ourselves and provides us with many opportunities to learn from. The lessons we learn during these outings will be useful in our homes, relationships, workplaces and throughout our lives.


“When people live in accordance with Nature, the song of life becomes sweet” – Amma


AYUDH is a dedicated supporter of PlantAhead, a kick-off event for a global movement – The Trillion Tree Campaign. Like the facebook page and join the event live on 9 March 2018!

AYUDH will participate in the event! So please help PlantAhead and AYUDH to save the children’s future! Together we will plant a Trillion Trees against the climate crisis. Join the event with us live on the 9 of March 2018!