Friends and sponsors

GrowIn' would not exist without the support of its friends and sponsors.

DEF flag-logoeac-YOUTH_ENThe European Commission - Youth in Action

By sponsoring Ayudh's summer retreat in 2009, the European Commission made the emergence of this project possible and enabled us to shoot the video tuorials displayed on the site. We are really thankful for this and look forward for further colaboration.

Have a look...


Logo greenfriendsAs the green branch of embracing the world, GreenFriends is contributing its gardening expertise to the project worldwide. This contribution is priceless for GrowIn'. It is all the more valuable that we work with a common background and common values, which help us developing a coherent pedagogical content.



Here's a small video on what they did last summer... It's not veggies, but it's nice as well !

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