Planting on balcony

How to plant on a balcony?

To grow plants on balconies you’ll need the following materials:

  • Containers: these could be recycled plastic containers that could be painted or pots or tires, depending on the availability of space.
  • Soil
  • Normal compost
  • Seedless compost
  • Gravel
  • Plants to grow

If there are no holes in the bottom of your container make some, so that water can go out.  Never leave your containers flat on the ground. Place a small stone on one side to let the water flow.

Take a container and fill it with gravel on top of the holes of the container, for drainage. Then add a mixture of soil and compost. Add a handful of worm compost if you have it. Add the seedless compost as top layer to prevent weeds that might be in the soil to germinate. Dig a hole of the size of the plants you have. Plant your plants, taking care to unravel gently the roots so that they can easily spread out in their new environment. Leave some space between the plants, thinking of the size they will have when they are fully grown, so that they don’t disturb one another. Water the plants well, so that the water actually reaches down to the roots.

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