GrowIn’ Cucumber

Family name: Cucurbits
Vegetables that belong to this family are cucumber, courgette and marrow, squash and pumpkin. Cucumbers have to be grown inside, unless you are living in a very warm climate.

Soil, sowing and planting

Cucumbers need a soil of neutral pH level (6.5). Cucumbers need a rich soil, so a lot of, preferably well broken down, compost. Worm compost would be ideal, but any manure would do. Cucumbers prefer damp, yet well draining soil.

Temperatures around your cucumbers shouldn’t drop below 21 degrees Celsius during the day. Sow the cucumber seeds directly into their permanent beds or pots. The pot should be roughly 50 x 50 cm. Make sure that the seed is sown vertically, with its tip pointing to the sky. Otherwise water will stagnate on the seed and will make it rot. The cucumber is a climbing plant, so it will need support of a pole or a string. To prevent the cucumber to go bitter and run into seed, you need to get rid of the male flowers on the plants. These grow on stalks, instead of tiny cucumbers. The cucumber-flowers are the females and have to stay on.

You can sow cucumber seeds from March until May.


You can harvest cucumbers from July until September.

Pests and diseases

Cucumbers can be plagued by mildew, which is a fungus. The best way to treat this is to take the effected leaves from the plant and burn them.

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