Once upon a time, a teacher walked into a classroom and asked his pupils to draw a fish. They drew a rectangle, for the only fish they knew was the one they were eating, and the fish they were eating was always a rectangle with some breadcrumbs. The strangest thing about this story is that it's real. These times are close to us, and that this distant place could very well be our neighborhood, that child be our own.

Do we really know how our food is produced? Do we relate to the reality of what we eat?

That’s why we want to grow. We want to grow food in cities, in flats, on window sills. We want to grow inside as well, and start questioning the society that is surrounding us. Starting with our own daily lives, we want to bring about a change.

Hence, we get together.  From South India to California, from the suburbs of Paris to the center of London, we start greening our homes and filling our plates. Experimenting, exchanging ideas and informations with others makes the whole process vibrant and enthusiastic. The GrowIn' techniques displayed on our website (www.ayudh.eu/growin) will be explained by professionals during workshops. They're designed to be accessible to all.

A flourishing plant means more than all the words of the world. Give it a try.

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