GrowIn' with Ayudh

In a few years, Ayudh has grown. Exponentially. What was a bit of fun between friends has become a world movement with hundreds of members carrying out various actions in the different continents.  From slum-cleaning in Kenya to building homes in India, from tree-planting in California to caring from the elderly in Germany, local youth have demonstrated their longing for practical action.

From singing to dancing, from cooking to film-making, we’ve seen that we were inspiring one another to grow and become blossoming human beings.

For many of us, Ayudh has indeed been a turning point. It’s been a place where the values we cherished met the reality of our lives. It’s become the certainty that our ideals were not mere dreams.

As Ayudh’s youth, we want to make sense of the world we’re living in, we want to make sense of our lives. Starting with ourselves, we want to bring about a change.

This willingness to act is structured around four lines: Green Initiatives, Social Initiatives, Personnal Development and Cultural Exchange.

Growin’ – One seed at a time is the first of Ayudh’s Green Initiatives to be launched at a global level. It proposes action themes to the youth worldwide. Supported by a theoretical framework and content, youth can build up a project coherent with their local living conditions and exchange with similar groups all over the world, therefore linking local action to a global perspective.

Have a look!

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