Mission statement

GrowIn’ - One seed at a time is an international green initiative by the Ayudh Movement. The project encourages all its members to start growing food for themselves, enabling each of them to do so by providing resources suitable to the participants’ local contexts. This project intends to help youth reconnect with nature and to raise their awareness about food issues.

The personnal involvement of the participants is seen as the keystone of the project: the only way to really understand something is to practice it.

Born from the many Ayudh members that had started to grow veggies in their homes or gardens, GrowIn’ is now getting global, fostering initiatives from India, the USA, Australia and several European countries.


GrowIn' Dynamics

The project intends to structure and support these initiatives at three different levels:

  • Individual: to help the youth start growing at least one plant with the help of the communication materials and the online platform. The youth then start reconnecting with the reality of natural cycles. They discover from the inside the mysteries of Nature and realize the importance of alimentation in their daily lives.
  • Local: to create and support youth groups that exchange ideas, know-how and seeds, support one another and organize trainings to learn how to grow their own food. Doing so, they also green their homes and cities.
  • Global: Foster a general awareness on the world’s food challenges and the behaviors that can positively impact them.

Local groups are managed by the youth themselves, who work out together the way they adapt the project to their local conditions. These groups can rely on a professional resource person, that guide them through their informal learning process, ensuring therefore the reliability of the knowledge transmitted.

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