Our inspiration

Mata Amritanandamayi has worked her entire life for the uplifting of humanity and the fight against misery and deprivation. Embracing the World, the NGO she has founded and still manages today, has a consultative status to the United Nations and is affiliated to the UN Department of Public Information. Embracing the World is conducting numerous programmes to enable India’s deprived or left aside populations to live sustainably. In the last years, the NGO has started acting on a global scale. Many skillful volunteers have joined the process, inspired by the quality and efficiency of Embracing the World’s action.

“Try to grow your own vegetables which are not loaded with harmful chemicals. On many houses in Japan, though they might be small, they still grow flowers and vegetables by hanging pots all around.”


“At present, the biggest threat to mankind is not a third world war, but the loss of nature’s harmony and our widening separation from her. When we live in harmony with Nature, we have the strength to overcome any crisis. Just as a child is obliged to his birth mother, we should all feel our obligation responsibility towards Nature.

Even if we have only a tiny plot of land, we should try to grow a few vegetables using organic fertilizers. This relationship to Nature will give us a new vitality. “


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