iTAGe Live Stream


(independently organised)Talking Across Generations on Education (iTAGe)

An independent youth connect initiative supported by UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) and the European Union

Saturday, 22nd July 2017, 10:00 h — 13:00 h (CEST)

at M.A. Center Germany – Seminarzentrum Hof Herrenberg – Brombachtal, Germany

  // The event will be fully live-streamed so that global youth can participate by tweeting questions for the panel.  The focus will be on informed discussion towards practical action-centric output and results will be disseminated afterwards in the form of a youth declaration.   // 

         Towards a Culture of Caring:

The Role Of Education To Foster Young People’s Active Citizenship

In 2015, more than 150 world leaders adopted the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These 17 new goals aim to end poverty, hunger and inequality, take action on climate change and the environment, improve access to health and education, build strong institutions and partnerships, and more.

By adopting the SDGs, the world community has set itself ambitious targets. These can only be achieved if the Millennial generation – the largest generation of youth in the history of our planet – play their part in promoting and monitoring the SDGs. Young people need to be ignited with passion, equipped with knowledge and trained with skills needed to act as global citizens, advocates of planet Earth and allies for the disadvantaged, ensuring that no one is left behind. The role of education – within and outside of the classroom – is crucial to foster this sense of caring, citizenship and global solidarity. It is AYUDH’s ambition to create opportunities for young people to participate in equitable, action-oriented dialogue with policy makers on such practical implementation of education for sustainable development.

The UNESCO MGIEP Talking Across Generations on Education (TAGe) event series is an effective and unique intergenerational dialogue forum which mainstreams the collective voice of the youth for inclusion in policy decision-making at the highest levels. AYUDH Europe is proud to have been selected by UNESCO MGIEP as the first civil society organization to host an independently organized TAGe (iTAGe) session outside of the frame of a UNESCO conference.

iTAGe AYUDH will be the concluding event of AYUDH’s 13th annual European Youth Summit Educate. Cultivate. Participate., which will bring together 300 youth activists from across Europe for a weeklong reflection on issues related to education, mindfulness, citizenship, sustainability and peace.

The main discussion of iTAGe AYUDH will be focused on four central questions:

  • How can education support young people to practice their active citizenship and contribute to the implementation and monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals?
  • How can education inspire young people to cultivate empathy, mindfulness, self-reflection and self-transformation in order to contribute to a culture of peace and nonviolence?
  • How can education encourage young people to experience, practice and promote sustainable lifestyles?
  • How can education empower young people to take ownership over their roles and responsibilities as European and global citizens?

iTAGe AYUDH is not a stand-alone event: A moderated dialogue first took place on social media in the month before the summit, where young global citizens had the opportunity to discuss and reflect upon these four questions. This will be moderated and summarized by AYUDH team members.

Equipped with the outcomes from the online global dialogue, the 300 summit participants will further discuss these questions in working groups, facilitated by international experts. After five days of discussions, 9 representatives from the working groups will take the opinions and feedback from online and face to face discussions to a panel with 3 senior decision takers during iTAGe AYUDH.

AYUDH’s 13th European Youth Summit is co-funded by the European Union. It is carried out in partnership with Embracing the World, UNESCO MGIEP, the UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development and the No Hate Speech Movement.