Programmes & Projects

Trees for Peace

Trees for Peace is more than a tree-planting campaign. It combines concrete climate action with education for sustainable lifestyles, while fostering a community of young Europeans, dedicated making a difference. We believe that planting trees is a powerful way to bring people together, experience community and strengthen a sense of global responsibility and leadership in young people.





RespAct_2The RespAct! project aims to support and empower school communities to counter incidences of bullying in their own schools. Building on its partnership with the Council of Europe’s ‘No Hate’ initiative, AYUDH offers talks and workshops in schools across Europe to help to nurture a positive learning culture of respect, awareness and empathy.

RespAct! is championed by Lucia Rijker six-time world champion in boxing and kick-boxing and renowned self-empowerment coach. Lucia teamed up with AYUDH members including professionals in the fields of education, psychology and social work to research the psychology behind bullying, the unique traits of cyberbullying and comprehensive solutions. The outcome of their work involves a holistic, strategic approach engaging students, teachers and parents to create a school climate of mutual respect, tolerance and inclusion.


White C(r)ane Project

White C(r)ane Logo The White C(r)ane Project aims to help provide aids to the  visually-impaired, particularly children and youth in developing  countries. In  2014, at AYUDH’s 10th anniversary summit, Matthias  Höfeld, a young  AYUDH member from Germany, shared his vision  with his peers.  Blind since the age of 21, Matthias is supported by  national health  insurance, which provides him with the tools to  make  his daily life  easier. Hearing about the difficult conditions of  blind  children in  Kenya, where many of them do not even have  walking  canes, Matthias  was inspired to launch this project to help  make life easier for young blind people, one step at a time.

The white cane is a universal symbol of independence for blind people, enabling them to navigate their way in confidence and safety. With this project, AYUDH youth chose the symbol of a white crane to reflect the sense of hope and freedom that a cane can bring to the blind, like wings to a dove.


HOPE – Harps of Peace

harpofhope Music therapy is a specialized science that has been used for centuries to enhance human capabilityand functioning through the applied use of musical influence on the brain. In neurological studies, music is one of the only sensory stimuli that is known to activate every area of the brain simultaneously.  Music played on the harp has several unique healing properties.

The HOPE (Harps of Peace) program trains youth in therapeutic harp playing under the guidance of Christina Tourin, world-renowned music therapist and founder and director of the International Harp Therapy Program. Trained AYUDH practitioners then make visits to hospitals and care homes for the elderly to apply the healing benefits of music to mind, body and spirit. AYUDH HOPE practitioners are currently active in Greece, Portugal, the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany.



 [Growin 2011 Picture 1] Food security is one of the most pressing and important challenges facing our generation today. The nexus of a rapidly increasing and migratory human population, environmental degradation and the exacerbating effects of climate change, the urgent need to guarantee the security and availability of a global food supply, while reducing the pressure on the Earth’s ecosystem, cannot be understated.

 “GrowIn” is a green initiative designed to  encourage youth to cultivate their own food, wherever they live. The aim is  to grow healthy, organic, local food, reduce  one’s carbon footprint and reconnect with  Nature. Through a dedicated online platform  and local training,  youth are taught to grow  vegetables in a city balcony, window shelf or  garden. AYUDH also offers long-term applied  permaculture and agricultural training at its  headquarters in France and Germany.


IAM Meditation

med IAM – Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique® is a powerful meditation technique created by Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) to help people find fulfillment in all aspects of life. This meditation refines one’s mind, bringing practitioners greater clarity and insight, opening channels of creativity and deepening one’s sense of awareness throughout the day. The practice also increases one’s energy and helps alleviate tension, improving both mental and physical health. IAM for Youth is offered every year at AYUDH’s Youth Summits, and classes are offered around Europe frequently.